I’m Keynoting the Harvard Graduate Music Forum Conference on Work & Play: Economies of Music

You can find the CFP here; the deadline is 12/5/14.  

What we can learn about Philosophy’s diversity problems by comparing ourselves to Music Theory

There are few things philosophers like to do more than police the boundaries of the discipline by debating what counts as “real” philosophy. As Kristie Dotson has argued, the first question any philosophical question or argument has to answer is…

A short playlist of old pop songs about US warmongering (bc la plus ca change…)

Dead Kennedys, “Kinky Sex Makes the World Go Round” Frankie Goes to Hollywood, “Two Tribes” L7, “Wargasm” Ministry, “NWO”   Any more recent songs to add to the list?  

On Resilience & ‘Self-Care As Warfare’

I really, really loved Sara Ahmed’s “Self-Care as Warfare.” My responses to it are really oriented by my own perspective as a white woman, as someone who is praised, rewarded, and obligated for resiliently surviving amid all the patriarchal damage…

On Sound & Biopolitics–my post over at SoundingOut!

I’m incredibly excited to make my debut over at SoundingOut!. My post “‘Cremation of senses in friendly fire’: on sound & biopolitics (via KMFDM & World War Z) went up today. Here’s a sample:   There’s a 20-year gap in chronology…