Video of my CTM 2019 Talk: Resilience, Sonic Patriarchy, and Feminist Melancholies

My PopCon 2018 Talk: “WOXY’s Gone To Heaven”: neoliberalism and the death of the “future of rock and roll”

I’m speaking at PopCon in Seattle again this year. Here’s the text of my talk.

Possibilist Speculation and Spotify Personas

Now that I’m finished with The Sonic Episteme I’m working on some currently very structureless project on the aesthetics of post-probabilist neoliberalisms. So this is me working through some ideas related to that project. At the level of math, derivatives…

My Keynote at Midwest Graduate Music Consortium 2019: “The Sonic Episteme”

This Saturday March 9 I’ll be delivering the keynote lecture at the Midwest Graduate Music Consortium meeting at the University of Chicago (more details later). The conference theme is “The Sonic Turn” and I’ll be speaking from sections of the…

My Talk at Queens U Kingston: Must Be Love On The Brain?: How can we address our simultaneous love of artworks and disgust at the misogynist artists who made them?

I’m speaking at Queens U Kingston as part of the “Against Hungry Listening” series. The talk is February 28th. Here‘s the full text. The gist of the talk is that much of the popular conversation about what to do with…

My Talk At Loomis Chaffee 2/5/19

I’ll be speaking at Loomis Chaffee on Tuesday February 5th at 9:55am. Here’s the text of my talk. Intro posted below. Have you ever thought about why songs are organized the way they are? Why do they have the specific…

My talk at Loomis Chaffee 2/5/19

After getting back from Berlin, I’ll be speaking in Connecticut on Tuesday the 5th. Here’s the info.

Berlin Talks January 2019

I’m giving two talks in Berlin this week, one at FU Berlin on “Popular Feminism and Pop Music” and the other at the CTM Festival on “Resilience, Sonic Patriarchy, and Feminist Melancholies.” I have linked to copies of each talk.

NYC Area Feminist Sound Studies Winter 2019 Meetup

On behalf of the organizers, I’m happy to announce the NYC Area Feminist Sound Studies Winter 2019 Meetup. The point of the meetup is casual socialization & networking. Come with any questions, announcements, or whatever you want to share with…