Editing, Consultation, & Coaching


Editing Services

  • Developmental Editing: Developmental editing focuses on big-picture issues like framing, organization, voice, and outcome. If you need help figuring out the scope of your project, narrowing down a topic, articulating the structure of your argument–or WTF you’re arguing in the first place–you need a developmental editor. I specialize in helping people take a bunch of information and figure out what they’re trying to say about that information. I really love helping people clarify their ideas and projects, and my training in philosophy and as a philosophy teacher gives me just the tools I need to be an amazing developmental editor. Developmental editing includes reading and commenting on what you have and one or more 30 or 60 minute Google Hangout/Skype/phone/face-to-face workshopping sessions. We’ll negotiate a rate based on the size of the project; I can bill either by hour or on the whole project as a package.
    • A typical developmental edit package for a 10,000-ish word article or book chapter runs between $400-$600, but can be more or less depending on the state and shape of the specific project. Depending on the state of the project it’s usually about $300 to read and comment on the article and $100 for a one-hour Zoom session to discuss my feedback and any questions you have.
  • Review Your Work: Need another set of eyes on your article, chapter, proposal, or other document? This is where I go in and leave lots of line comments and write an overall feedback report at the end. It’s like having a peer reviewer who’s on your side and really wants to make your work as strong as it can be. I can bill by hour or by project. This usually comes in around $200-300.
  • Virtual Studio Visit: So you don’t write, but you make some sort of creative work, and you have a creative idea or problem that you need help thinking through. Or, maybe you just need feedback on a song or series of artworks. Or, maybe you need help developing your artist statement. Think of it as developmental editing for artists and musicians. This includes looking or listening to what you send me and one or more 30 or 60 minute Google Hangout/Skype workshopping sessions.

My base rate is $100/hour, but I am happy to negotiate student and underemployed rates on a case-by-case basis. If you just need an initial email consultation, that’s free. 


  • Dissertation, Thesis, or other big student work: I’ll help you navigate the process–proposal, defense, etc.–and do developmental editing. This includes both reading your work and virtual consultation. We can negotiate specifics, but the base package here is one read-through with extensive comments and a one-hour virtual consult. For a doctoral dissertation the cost is $300, due in installments. We can add additional read-throughs and virtual consultations. This is the student rate (no further discounts). Shorter works like MA or Honors theses will be pro-rated from the doctoral rate.
  • Job Applications/Job Market: There’s so much conflicting advice about how to work the academic job market, it can be really confusing to know what YOU should do. I’ve been both a candidate and a search committee member, so I can answer your questions, give you concrete advice, and look over your application materials. We’ll negotiate a package suited to your needs, whether it’s a quick read of your cover letter or more extensive coaching about the overall process.
  • Tenure & Promotion Files: Applying for tenure is a high-stress, high-stakes thing. Whether you need help crafting and strategizing your personal narrative, interpreting institutional guidelines, a set of eyes from someone outside your discipline to read your file as your dean or college/university committee would, or just advice from someone who’s committed to your success, I can coach you through the tenure & promotion process. I’ve obviously done this myself, and I’ve chaired my department’s tenure & promotion committee, so I know what these committees expect and how you can make their job as easy as possible. We can negotiate a package to meet your needs.
  • Book Proposals: I’ve published with both academic and trade presses. If you need help navigating the book publishing process, either by itself or in addition to developmental editing, I’ll guide you through it. We can negotiate a package to meet your needs.


  • Need assistance with something I haven’t listed here, and you think I’m the person to give you that help? Send me an email and we’ll see if I’m your person.


I’m a music scholar whose actual Ph.D. is in philosophy. Music faculty, this makes me the perfect person for you and/or your students to come to with the philosophy questions that come up in your research. For departments, I’m happy to come spend a day meeting individually with your grad students about their use of philosophy or philosophers in their research, and/or to have half- or full-day crash courses in music and philosophy/here’s the philosophy you need to know as a music scholar/here’s the history of the philosophy of music/etc. The crash course can be designed for grad students or undergrads. For these services I charge travel plus a negotiable honorarium. I’m also available for this sort of consultation on an individual basis via videoconference or email.

For this work, contact me at [email protected]