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I offer an array of services that leverage my two decades of experience writing, editing, teaching, and navigating the the academic and non-academic press to help individual authors, researchers, and speakers do their best work. Contact me at [email protected] for any of these services. I offer a friends & family discount and a sliding scale for students and underemployed people–rates here are the base rate from which discounts are taken.


editing on screen - TLK - edited“editing on screen – TLK – edited” by tseenster is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

Editing Services

Developmental Editing: Developmental editing focuses on big-picture issues like framing, organization, voice, and outcome. If you need help figuring out the scope of your project, narrowing down a topic, articulating the structure of your argument–or WTF you’re arguing in the first place–you need a developmental editor. I specialize in helping people take a bunch of information and figure out what they’re trying to say about that information. I offer developmental editing for writers both within and outside the academy.

Developmental editing includes reading and commenting on what you have and one or more 30 or 60 minute Zoom workshopping sessions. We’ll negotiate a rate based on the size of the project; I can bill either hourly or on the whole project as a package. Here are some of my most frequently offered packages:

    • Academic article package: Developmental editing for a 10,000-ish word article or book chapter runs around $400, but can be more or less depending on the state and shape of the specific project. For a full first draft it’s typically about $300 to read and comment on the article and $100 for a one-hour Zoom session to discuss my feedback and any questions you have.
    • Book proposal package: Developmental editing for a full first draft of a book proposal (not including sample chapter(s)) is typically around $300. That includes two hours of reading and commenting on your draft and a one hour Zoom session to discuss my feedback and any questions you may have.

Line editing: Line editing focuses on the sentence and paragraph level. This is where I go in and rearrange text for greater clarity and precision. I charge by the hour for line editing; send on a sample of your draft and I’m happy to give you a free estimate.

Line editing for non-native English speakers: You are totally an expert at your subject matter, but you may not be an expert at writing in English. I can go through your manuscript and rework your prose into clear, engaging English. Because most academic journals don’t have the budget to pay for a copy editor to fix extensive language issues, many journal editors are much more willing to take a chance on a potentially reviewable or revisable submission with minimal language issues than one that needs extensive work at the sentence level.

My base rate for editing is $100/hour, but I am happy to negotiate student and underemployed rates on a case-by-case basis. If we know each other (IRL friends, social media mutuals, etc.), ask about my friends & family rate! If you just need an initial email consultation, that’s free. 


Maybe you aren’t at the stage where you have a manuscript draft to edit, but you still need some guidance and structure to get you to that point? Weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly coaching sessions can help you get you and your writing where you want to be. Coaching can be especially helpful for scholars who are working on their second book–i.e., their first book researched completely from scratch with no dissertation material to mine.

Coaching is $75-100 an hour, depending on degree of prep and intensity on my part.


Organizational values: Does your organization need help identifying and clarifying your fundamental values (e.g., for a vision and/or mission statement)? Through a combination of research, interviews, and workshops with organization leadership, I identify the core values that drive your organization and help your leadership team communicate those values clearly for maximum impact.

Theory/Philosophy consulting for music scholars: I’m a music scholar whose actual Ph.D. is in philosophy. Music faculty, this makes me the perfect person for you and/or your students to come to with the philosophy questions that come up in your research. For departments, I’m happy to come spend a day meeting individually with your grad students about their use of philosophy or philosophers in their research, and/or to have half- or full-day crash courses in music and philosophy/here’s the philosophy you need to know as a music scholar/here’s the history of the philosophy of music/etc. The crash course can be designed for grad students or undergrads. For these services I charge travel plus a negotiable honorarium. I’m also available for this sort of consultation on an individual basis via videoconference or email.


The five basic elements of writing an argument: Participants learn about and practice the five basic skills writers and speakers need to build an original argument.

Writing an engaging introduction: I break down the five basic features of a catchy, effective introduction for any piece of nonfiction writing, academic or non-academic, and offer individual feedback on participants’ practice introductions.


Need assistance with something I haven’t listed here, and you think I’m the person to give you that help? Send me an email and we’ll see if I’m your person.

For this work, contact me at [email protected]