Ahmed Killjoys Class Agenda

This is the agenda for Feminist Theory on 4/22/14. Attend & Announce Next class is the last class! We’ll read the Grace Jones section of Shavrio’s PCA Projects are due in my email inbox no later than 11:59pm Sunday 5/4….

On Pharrell's "Happy"

On Pharrell’s “Happy”

This is a cross-post from Cyborgology. I find Pharrell’s massive hit “Happy” really, really irritating. And, for that reason, I love it. In the same way that The Sex Pistols were Malcolm McLaren’s massive joke on us, this song is,…

“Waves of Moderation”–My plenary talk for the Sound, Music, & Affect Conference at Stony Brook on 4/18

I’m honored and excited to be giving one of the plenary talks at the upcoming Sound, Music, & Affect conference at Stony Brook.Here is the full text of my talk. IASPM attendees will notice that this is a more fully fleshed-out…