Editing, Workshops, & Writing Services


Developmental editing focuses on the big picture: argument, structure, ideas. I offer developmental editing for nonfiction articles, book proposals not in areas in which I commission (i.e., not in philosophy, music/sound, or comms), and contracted books in any area, scholarly or trade.

Line editing focuses on sentence-level prose. I line edit nonfiction, and administrative/business documents. My line editing focuses on achieving the clearest and most efficient prose possible.

Editing Rates: My hourly rate is $75/hr. That’s a little above average, but that price reflects my 20+ years experience as a published author, editor, and commissioning editor.

  • Book proposal package: I will read and comment on your book proposal (no sample chapters, just the proposal) and do a 30 minute Zoom consult for $400. Longer proposals may cost more.


Scholarly Book Publishing In the Humanities: This gives an overview of the process of publishing a scholarly book, from how to approach editors, what goes into a proposal, the difference between an advanced and regular contract, and so on. Includes a 30-45 minute presentation and a Q&A.

Effective Peer Review: This 60 minute workshop offers a formal overview of the peer review process for the purposes of (1) training reviewers how to write an effective review, (2) educating present and future journal editors about how to manage the peer review process, and (3) informing authors how to successfully navigate the peer review process. Backed by my 20+ years as the author of four scholarly books and numerous articles, the past co-editor of The Journal of Popular Music Studies, my current role as Editor at Palgrave Macmillan, and research into industry best practices, this workshop offers a uniquely circumspect and complete perspective on peer review, its purposes, and its processes.


I’m available to commission for culture writing. I focus on music, media/technology, and popular culture, as well as public philosophy.

I also accept commissions for content writing, report writing, and some UX writing.

Rates vary and are quoted by project.


robinmjames7 AT gmail DOT com