Music & the Ambivalent Politics of Feminist New Materialism–AMS MPSG 2014

Here’s the text of my extremely short talk at the 2014 AMS Music & Philosophy Study Group Session. Here is the longer chapter on which this talk draws. Music & The Ambivalent Politics of Feminist New Materialism   Perhaps unwittingly,…

Audio Recording of “Post Feminist Pop Music” App State U Women’s Studies Distinguished Speaker Series

On 10/8/14 I gave a talk “Post Feminist Pop Music” at App State University. Here’s the audio recording of the talk. I made it with my earbud mic and my phone.  

Post-Feminist Pop: My talk at App State 10/8.

Here’s the outline from which I will be speaking at App State on 10/8/14. Please feel free to follow along.   Post-Feminist Pop Abstract: Pop stars Lily Allen, Beyonce, Meghan Trainor, & Taylor Swift have all released work that depicts…

I’m Keynoting the Harvard Graduate Music Forum Conference on Work & Play: Economies of Music

You can find the CFP here; the deadline is 12/5/14.  

What we can learn about Philosophy’s diversity problems by comparing ourselves to Music Theory

There are few things philosophers like to do more than police the boundaries of the discipline by debating what counts as “real” philosophy. As Kristie Dotson has argued, the first question any philosophical question or argument has to answer is…