My UW Madison Talk: Must Be Love On The Brain?: How can feminists reconcile our love of artworks with our disgust at the misogynist artists who made them?

On Friday November 30th I’ll be speaking at the music department at UW Madison. Here’s the text of my talk. I’ve copied the introduction below. “Artistic success in the contemporary Euroethnic art world is perceived by all as the payoff…

My 2018 In Review

Here’s a list of all the stuff I did, professionally, this year. I’m using this as the building blocks for my annual self-evaluation for work, so if I get a bit obnoxious discussing impact, that’s why. Research and Writing The…

Singing appliances & reproductive labor

Singing appliances & reproductive labor

Here are some initial, very first-drafty thoughts:  I moved last summer, and was fortunate enough to be able to sell my old washer and dryer and get brand new ones; the new apartment came with a fancy, nearly new dishwasher….