Gaga’s New Album: Doin’ it again, a treat for the freaks?

In the interview posted here on Idolator, Lady Gaga admits that her forthcoming album is going to be, in all but name, a latter-day Wax Trax industrial-dance work:

Gaga said, “I think that lyrically it’s more poetic. It’s, in a very strange way, the marriage of electronic music with these sort of major, epic—I dare to even say metal, rock ‘n’ roll, pop, anthemic style—melodies with really, really sledge-hammering dance beats. It’s definitely the most innovative of all the music I’ve done so far.”

It’s a shame she thinks this is “innovative,” given there’s an entire label’s back catalog that does more or less the same thing.

Would this make her “KMFDM Light” (keeping in mind that the song itself is a sarcastic self-criticism)? Or is she more Thrill Kill Kult? It will be interesting to listen to the new album and trace any musical genealogies…