Music Geek-Out #6

The next track on my dinner playlist is one of my favorite songs in this group. It’s the Afghan Whigs “Rebirth of the Cool”. This was a remix of their song “Milez is Ded” (and the title thus a play on Davis’s “Birth of the Cool”). It was a hidden track on their “Uptown Avondale” album.

The Whigs were THE Cincinnati band in the 90s–they were the most popular and successful beyond the local scene (The Breeders and Guided by Voices were both DAYTON bands, not Nati bands.) Greg Duli is, well, a misogynist, and I’ve always been somewhat ambivalent about his work for this reason. This track, however, is the one Whigs track that really compels me to be more than ambivalent in my liking of the band. This is probably because it samples the Stone Roses and has more of a Madchester feel to it (or, well, maybe more like a Charlatans feel…).