Music Geek-Out #10: The Breeders “Cannonball”

When I was a teenage girl growing up in John Boehner’s congressional district halfway between Cincinnati and Dayton, OH, Kim Deal was the ish. She was from where I was from, but she managed to escape post-Mapplethorpe crazy Republican land and be the Modern Rock Chick par excellence. AND she had a sister, Kelly. AND they had a band, The Breeders. AND their song, Cannonball, broke the mainstream pop charts. I taped this song off the radio and played it in the tapedeck in my car. I would also tap out that sticking pattern in the very beginning on every imaginable surface, with every imaginable implement (fingers, pencils and pens, mallets, chopsticks…).

So, I picked this song for the philoSOPHIA playlist because in terms of women musicians from the general Oxford, OH area, the Deal sisters are probably the most well-known. WOXY used to run a promo featuring their mom, which went: “Hi, I’m Ann Deal, the breeder of the Breeders, and you’re listening to 97X, BAM! the future of rock n roll”.