Phased Out: Resilience, Melancholy, & Feminist “Bad Vibes” (aka my 2013 SPEP talk responding to Ewa Ziarek)

Even though this is specifically targeted as a response to Ewa Ziarek’s fabulous new book Feminist Aesthetics & The Politics of Modernism, this paper will be of interest to those of you who have been following my work on resilience, melancholy, and the sonic dimensions of neoliberalism. In particular, the talk emphasizes the specific ways resilience discourse co-opts feminist counter-modernities. Also, s/o to Carolyn Fryar & Ryan Miller for helping me think of the “phased out” title.

Here‘s the talk as a google doc.

And given the talk’s discussion of Katy Perry’s Firework, here’s the video for that track: