30 Day Song Challenge, Day 20: A Song To Listen To While You’re Angry

I made a Beats playlist titled “Fed Up”–it’s full of songs to listen to when I’m angry. But, there are a lot of different kinds of anger–some more seething, some more immediately aggressive. Whatever kind of anger I’m feeling, I want a song that helps me burn through it, either slowly and seethingly, or fast, hard, and face-meltingly aggro.

When I’m just fed up, had enough, done and over it, I like to listen to L7’s “One More Thing”:

It’s a slow burning song good for exhausted anger–when one more thing will be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. The lyrics are plodding in just the right way, delivered with burnt-out frustration that sometimes boils up into rage. Also, the line “politics messing with my rights/there’s nothing fun to do tonight” sums up a few of the things I get exhausted angry about.


If I’m aggro angry, and feel like metaphorically burning shit down, there are a number of songs I like to listen to. First is Fixmer/McCarthy’s “Destroy”:

It’s some fast, brutal four-on-the-floor, and the vocals go from seething anger to outright shouting.


Also, Youth Code, “To Burn Your World”:

It’s all in the chorus here: what’s not cathartic about yelling “Burn, burn, burn, down/Burn your world?” at a loud growl? And then there’s the menacing, distorted synths that come in right after that line?