"Loving the Alien": My article in The New Inquiry

“Loving the Alien”: My article in The New Inquiry

If you haven’t already subscribed to The New Inquiry, you should fork over your two dollars soon, or else you won’t be able to read my article on Neoliberalism, Foucault, Jacques Attali, EDM, and Xenomania. It’s in October’s issue on music, “Concept Album,” and it will be delivered right to your inbox on Monday. You can check out the table of contents here, where you’ll find that my essay is in excellent company.

And, I should say that while I am pleased at the resonance between the title for my essay, “Loving the Alien,” and Mark Sinker’s 1992 essay on Afrofuturism in Wire, the reference wasn’t initially intentional on my part.  The title was actually suggested by my editor. But, I think it does suggest some further analysis, along the lines of: So what IS the relationship between neoliberal “repetition” and Afrofuturism? And you can rest assured that I’m working on that problem in this manuscript on neoliberalism and pop music I’m developing.