I am not going to say a lot about the George Zimmerman verdict. I think this is one of those instances in which white people need to STFU and spend their time & energy in supporting roles. Like, this is not a time to make this about me, my ideas, my feelings, etc. Instead, it’s a time for me to support, affirm, and amplify the power of the political emotions (rage, grief) and arguments expressed by my friends and colleagues’ of color. Let them occupy center stage on this one. To that end: 

Here is Roxanne Gay’s “syllabus” of things to read relevant to the verdict.

Here from Brittney Cooper, here from Gary Younge, and here from Keguro Macharia are more articles. Those are just a start.

The only other thing I’ll say is that I do not regularly enough appreciate what a gift my students of color are. Society could have disposed of them, but they made their way into my classroom (which is no assurance of their ongoing safety), and I am exceedingly lucky to have them as my students. Most of them are exceptionally fabulous (NY, DS, SC, EK, AW, XH, NB, AA, DR, TT, KW, LG, BB, CL, AA, y’all know who you are:) ).