Music For Drones: The first batch of audio sketches

I’m incredibly excited to post the first batch of audio sketches we’ve made from our initial recordings of a Phantom II quadcopter with a coil/pickup mic. You can find them all here on our soundcloud.

I went in and updated the previously very quiet tracks with some hi gain-ed versions; these should be easier to hear in detail.

The idea behind these sketches is that interesting patterns–even some rhythmic grooves–emerge when you listen to these clips repeated much as a rhythmic sample would be repeated in a pop track. In fact, these loops often sound really techno-y.

I also want to emphasize that these are sketches–we’re just trying out a few ideas to see if they’re successful, working with the material to find the best musical ideas it can give/suggest to us.


Here are just a few of the sketches: