What I did in 2017

People do these year-end rundowns of accomplishments, and I find they’re helpful to draft what will ultimately become my performance review that I’ll have to file sometime this spring term. So, voila: Writing I published 2 peer reviewed articles: “Is…

A Non-Zero-Sum Game: some thoughts on the politics of scholarship

In the Q&A at my Goldsmith’s talk, part of the conversation was about how to do more just and ethical scholarship. Given what I had discussed about Ashon Crawley’s critique of Philosophy-capital-P as a practice of enclosure [1], I was…

Sussex Talk

Today I’ll be speaking at Uni Sussex. Here’s the text of the talk.

Goldsmiths Talk

I’m speaking today at Goldsmiths University. Here’s the text of my talk.

Figuring out new projects now that the book is drafted

My friend Jill has a tradition of blogging every day in December, and this year she asked people to join her. I will try to join her. I just finished a book manuscript the day after Thanksgiving, and that means…