NYC Area Feminist Sound Studies Winter 2019 Meetup

On behalf of the organizers, I’m happy to announce the NYC Area Feminist Sound Studies Winter 2019 Meetup. The point of the meetup is casual socialization & networking. Come with any questions, announcements, or whatever you want to share with the group.
We’ll meet Thursday, 7 February at 5pm at the New York Public Library Performing Arts Branch in Lincoln Center for the “Sounding Circuits: Audible Histories” exhibit.
The exhibit’s curator, Seth Cluett, has generously offered to give us a guided tour. This will start at 5:30.
After seeing the exhibit we’ll meet up the street at Boule & Cherie (at Amsterdam & 68th) for coffee/tea/whatever. People can wander through the exhibit at their own pace, or skip it, or come late; we’re keeping it casual 🙂 We’ll be at Boule & Cherie until 7:30ish (they close at 8, as does the exhibit).
Please feel free to share this with anyone you might think is interested! We’re open to anyone whose research, teaching, art, and/or activism has anything to do with feminism and sound (no TERFs though).
Hope to see you there!