Enrolling in my online Fall 2020 “Theories of Neoliberalism” grad/undergrad seminar as a non-UNCC student

As part of UNCC’s plan to have a mix of F2F, hybrid, and fully online courses in the fall to deal with COVID-19, my 4000/5000 level seminar has been moved fully online.

This means that it’s possible for non-local people to take the course. I would love to see some of you this fall! I promise this will not suck. I’ve been teaching online since 2013 and have figured out some ways to make the best out of the online learning context.

Here’s the syllabus.

If you already have a Batchelor’s degree, the easiest and cheapest way to take this class is to apply to UNCC as a “post-bac” (it costs only $25 to apply) and then register for the course at the distance education tuition rate, which you can find more about here.

If you have questions, feel free to reach out to me at rjames7 at uncc dot edu.