30 Day Song Challenge, Day 6: A Song That Reminds You Of Home

I’ve lived in Charlotte for 8 years, and it has never and likely will never feel like home. So, I’ll pick two songs that remind me of the places that have felt like home.


Afghan Whigs, Rebirth of the Cool

I grew up in Cincinnati in the 80s and 90s. I listened to WOXY, the local modern rock station. The Afghan Whigs and the Breeders (from Dayton) were local music. I remember WOXY had a promo with Ann Deal, where she said “This is Ann Deal, the breeder of the Breeders. And you’re listening to 97x, the future of rock n roll.” Since the Breeders are technically from Dayton, I have to stick with the Afghan Whigs here. “Rebirth of the Cool” was all over the radio when I was in high school, and, as they’re a Cincinnati band, this song reminds me of home. It’s my favorite Afghan Whigs song, but that band was never my favorite. What I like about this song is that it almost sounds sorta¬†Madchester-y.


Kanye West, “Gold Digger”

I lived in Chicago from 2000-2006. The summer of 2005 I drove around in my Corolla–mostly out to Skokie to teach at Oakton Community College–with the windows down and this album blasting. This is one of those songs I love, musically, but get a little miffed about the overt misogyny in the lyrics. This song still makes me wanna dance. It may–it may–be the best pop hook Kanye’s ever rapped over.

Runners Up: Breeders, “Cannonball“; Guided By Voices, “I Am A Scientist” (GbV is another Dayton band); Nine Inch Nails “Burn” (I played this as calesthenics music for my HS band, bc it was the only NIN song I could be certain didn’t have lyrics that would get me in trouble).